Childhood Education (ECE) as we see it today is extremely dynamic and Always action packed. Vast amounts of significant learning takes place during this period in children lives as there is always something new and unique about the way in which children think and learn.

At Global Achievers School we truly acknowledge the fact that each child is a unique individual and must be nurtured and encouraged to develop and reach his/her full potential. Our goals in the teaching- learning process are definitely value based and also focus primarily on the needs, interests, strengths and developmental levels of children in our care. We see learning as a process of active exploration and questioning and strive to strike the right balance between structured and unstructured, teacher directed and self-chosen, group and individual, indoor and outdoor, noisy and quiet and active and passive activities. Our carefully designed competency and skill based program we have done the pedagogy partnership with Global class room pvt. ltd. Its world class curriculum we are providing to 21 centuries young ones. While providing a wide range of experiences and materials to foster and enhance physical, motor, social, emotional, aesthetic and intellectual development also allows ample time and opportunity for one on one contact with the teacher. The curriculum in Gcpl for pre-primary specially named as Special Me and in primary Maxim.

Play group (joyful A) Nursery (Joyful B)
Lower KG (Joyful C) Upper KG (Joyful D)
Toolkits Book - English, Math, EVS no other textbooks are needed.
2 Toolkits for every subject (5 subjects)
10 Toolkits / child / year - A combined textbook, workbook & teacher guide with plenty hands-on activities to ensure every child involvement.

Action songs and rhymes are an integral part of the EVS themes. The fun filled songs and rhymes are used for dramatization as well.

This book helps children explore different forms of art like coloring, pasting, paper folding, paper cutting, printing, Painting and enhancing their skills in the various art forms.

Emphasis is on listening speaking and reading before writing. As in Montessori Method writing is introduced earlier by use of moveable alphabet before writing by hand. Separate writing books start with development of pre writing skills. Writing is taught in a step wise systematic manner.

This internationally recognized communicator unites the home, the classroom and student insights. It places teachers, students and parents on the same page, all three can connect daily.

The Broader Objective Report reflects the overall broader teaching methods and development of the child that our curriculum promotes. Pre-Primary education has focused on academics but becoming a well-rounded human being has more relevance today than ever before.

Edison Education Assessments are objective, balanced and made by skilled content developers. Compete with Yourself (CWY) Assessments focus on learning, improvement and progress.